Check out the variety of classes here at Genesis!

Take a look at our variety of classes and see which ones work best for your own self-defense, martial arts, and fitness goals

Jiu-Jitsu (Gi – Kids and Adults)

Brazilian JiuJitsu is often broken into two categories, Gi and No-Gi. A Gi is the traditional outfit worn when practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as it allows us to practice using an opponent’s clothing to strangle or subdue them via manipulating the lapel, gripping the collar, or using the sleeves.

There are a ton of fun and interesting techniques to explore with the gi as it can be quite technical!

Our classes with the gi take place on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

If you do not have a gi of your own to use yet then please speak to Coach Karen to get that taken care of and start enjoying the learning process of Jiu-Jitsu in a Gi!

Jiu- Jitsu (No-Gi – Kids and Adults)

No-Gi is Jiu-Jitsu without the gi pants and jacket. Usually, people will wear spats, shorts, rash guards, or t-shirts, and is often faster and more explosive as there are no grips.

We have our no-gi classes available Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

If you do not have any appropriate gear or clothing items for no-gi training then be sure to talk to Coach Karen to get set up with some gear we have here.

Open Mat (Gi and No-Gi)

Open Mat is not a class but a time for people to get together and roll (spar), drill, or just enjoy hanging out together.

These open mats are great opportunities to connect and spend time with your teammates in a less formal setting and we always have a blast at our open mats.

Check the class schedule to keep up with our open mats!

Ladies Open Mat

We at Genesis take great pride in our focus on empowering women and to that end, we have an open mat specifically for women to grow as martial artists in a comfortable environment.

If you are interested in participating in these awesome open mat sessions then let one of us know and we can get you set up in our group chat for the ladies’ open mat.

Ladies’ open mat is currently scheduled for Wednesdays at 9:30 am and is focused on gi techniques.

Homeschool Class

Coach Katherine provides us with a class specifically for homeschool kids to be able to train and grow as martial artists, engage in social activities, and just have fun with other kids!

All ages are welcome!

Self-Defense Classes

Joe Bryant leads the 6:30am Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings. Joe does the best job focusing

Here you can expect to learn tactics that focus more on how to protect yourself from an aggressive attacker and either escape to safety or disable the aggressor. Empowering people to protect themselves is a core principle of the team here at Genesis Jiu-Jitsu

Stand by for updates regarding this awesome class!

Wee Warriors (Pre-School Ages)

We have a class specifically for kids ages 4-6 to begin learning some basic fundamentals while having a good time with other kids and getting some exercise in.

Look for the Wee Warriors classes on the schedule for Monday and Wednesday at 4:15 pm and run to 4:45 pm.

Wee Warriors classes use the gi*

Kids Competition Team

We are so proud of our growing kid’s competition team as they continue to grow as martial artists, as people, and bring home trophies and medals to take pride in and we love seeing their confidence grow from training in a more competitive setting.

The competition classes for kids have a more serious vibe and focus on higher-level techniques and strategies designed for competition scenarios.

Our competing kids all push each other to be better and help one another learn different moves and techniques.

Your child is just a decision away from starting down the path of becoming a Jiu-Jitsu Champion on and off the mats!


Thanks to our partnership with Coach Gary Heard we are able to offer a Select Wrestling Club right next door to us.

You can learn more about Texas Select Wresting and how to join by contacting Coach Gary Heard Directly at 817-304-3796.

*We are constantly working to bring new classes, seminars, and learning opportunities to the members of our community so be sure to keep up with our social media (Facebook) for updates to the schedule and other fun learning opportunities.

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